50 Of The Most WTF Images From The ‘WTF’ Online Group

50 Of The Most WTF Images From The ‘WTF’ Online Group

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Loyal Bored Panda readers probably know we have a soft spot for weird photos. But if you’re new here, check out these unexplainable stock images or these memorable “pics or didn’t happen” moments.

However, there’s one place on the Internet that undoubtedly has the most ridiculous shots ever taken — an appropriately called subreddit, WTF. The community is on a mission to collect things that make people say “what the fu*k” and they’re really devoted to it, too. With over 6.4 million members and thousands online at any given time, nothing is off-limits here. From a lizard living inside of a microwave clock to a 300ft-deep sinkhole in someone’s backyard, continue scrolling and check out some of the most popular posts on the subreddit.

Credits & Source: WTF / Reddit

#1 Cabin In Alaska For Rent, Lovely View

#2 My Venus Flytrap Uses All Its Energy To Make 200 Mouths Instead Of Growing Big

#3 This Cemetery Fire From Yesterday Looks Like A Horror Movie's Climax

#4 Sinkhole Opened In Cornish Backyard, Leading 300ft Down Into A Medieval Mineshaft

#5 Guy Found A Glass Eye Embedded In The Rock At A Beach

#6 New Prototype "Economy" Airline Seats

#7 Found This Clown Mannequin Half A Mile Deep Into A Drainage Pipe Tied Like This To A Grate

#8 Fiat Had A Test Track On Their Factory Rooftop In 1929

#9 Aligadoor

#10 Rome Yesterday

#11 A Rather “Rural” Patient Came In With New-Onset Seizures. Ct Reveals Small Metal Pellets In Head. Patient States His Wife Accidentally Shot Him Several Years Ago While Trying To Get A Raccoon Off Their Property

#12 Train After Failing To Brake Finds Itself On Top Of A Giant Whale Statue!

#13 I’m A Contractor. Bought An Abandoned/Foreclosed Home To Renovate. This Was In The Basement Bathroom. What. The. F.

#14 Ct Scan Of 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Sculpture Reveals Mummified Monk Hidden Inside

#15 27 Contact Lenses Were Found By Doctors In Woman's Eye

#16 In Algeria We Have These Weird Things In Public Parks And Children’s Playgrounds

#17 No Filters. Australia Is Red From Wildfires

#18 I Was Driving Through The Back Roads Of Pennsylvania On The Way To A Camping Spot And Found A Mountain Of Ceramic Dishes And Tea Cups In The Middle Of The Woods!?

#19 My Girlfriend Sent Me This From Her Doctors Appointment

#20 Raising Anchor Of Your Oil Tanker Only To Realize You've Hooked An Unexploded Torpedo

#21 So This Lizard Moved Into My Microwave Clock. I Guess It's His Now?

#22 Oh, Let Me Just Park My Squid

#23 What, Exactly, Was The Sequence Of Events That LED To This?

#24 My 6 Yr Old: “How Will He Go Poop If His Tail Is Inside His Butthole?!”

#25 You're Not Taking This Grandma's Purse

#26 Sometimes People Stop In The Middle Of A Conversation To Stare At My Eye. Wonder Why

#27 Oregon Fires Next To A Golf Course

#28 Camping In Florida Looks Fun

#29 I Really Have No Idea What Happened

#30 Vandals Painted A Complete Train Silver In A Small Town In The Netherlands 2 Nights A

#31 Got A Complaint At Work About "Very Loud Crickets" In The Bathroom

#32 A "Zombie Spider" - Spider Covered In Fungus, Half-Dead, Half-Alive Which Can Crawl Around. Found In My Basemen

#33 Your Typical First Day Of Your Job As The It Guy

#34 A Humpback Whale Was Found Dead In Amazon Rainforest

#35 When Your Goat Needs A Lift

#36 This Power Line Happened To Be Laid Straight Through The Skull Of An Anglo Saxon Woman Buried In A Previously Undiscovered 6th Century Graveyard

#37 I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday. I Fell Asleep While He Was Packing And He Stole My Toilet

#38 Hail From The Weekend Here In Queensland, Australia

#39 I'm So Glad I Don't Live In The Same Time As Quetzalcoutlus Northropi

#40 Stopped Cause I Thought My Tire Popped, But I'm Pretty Sure Someone Tried To Murder Me

#41 Woke Up For Some Water. Thank God I Turned On The Light Before Taking A Sip

#42 Calcium Buildup In This Water Pipe We Had To Replace

#43 These Times Are Weird

#44 Knee Pad Catches Small Splinter

#45 Secret Recording Device Under Break Room Table At Work

#46 I Have Tentacles Under My Tongue- Apparently Not Everyone Does?

#47 This Is A Clown Shower For Children

#48 Last Week A Bald Eagle Flew Threw My Bedroom Window, While I Was Laying In Bed . It Was Insane, To Say The Least

#49 Crochet For Trees In Morgantown, West Virginia. USA

#50 Yes

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