“Always Wear Sunscreen!”: 40 People Who Failed To Do It And Ended Up Looking Like Dorks

“Always Wear Sunscreen!”: 40 People Who Failed To Do It And Ended Up Looking Like Dorks

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We’ve all been there. After telling ourselves SPF is for the weak, we dove headfirst into the boiling sun bath, furiously refusing any advice to put on sunscreen. It was all about getting that sun-kissed tan you’ve seen in “The Blue Lagoon.”

The next day, the painful reality hits. Please welcome your torture for the next coming days, aka the redness, the soreness, the itchiness, the swollenness, you name it. As an additional bonus, you get unsolicited comments like “I told you,” “I knew it,” and “This is what you get if…”

Reasonable Knowledge has compiled a painfully funny list full of the unfortunate ones who got too badly sunburned. And hopefully, learn from the mistakes of others, ’cause whatever you do, do not try this at home.

Warning: sun is extremely dangerous, and prolonged exposure may lead to permanent skin damage and even skin cancer. Don’t forget to always use sunscreen, and seek medical attention immediately in case you get a severe sunburn. Scroll down for our interview with Dr. Adil Sheraz, the spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation, to find out more about what we should all know about sun damage.

#1 Not "Happy". Forgot Sunscreen On My Face, And Am Waiting For An X-Ray For A Rolled Ankle. Not Happy Jan. And Not So Fun Color Run

#2 It's More Than Just A Tan, Buddy

#3 Sunburn

#4 Never Sleep Outside With Cereal, Guys

#5 What Could Go Wrong If I Forget The Sunscreen?

#6 Trying To Even Out My Tan On My Lunch Break

#7 At Least It's Symmetrical

#8 My Friend Told Me That I Look Like A Popsicle Stick

#9 That's Why You Shouldn't Wear Jeans With Holes On Sunny Days

#10 A Buddy Of Mine Seemed To Think Stick Sun Screen Was A Good Idea

#11 Tried Evening Out My Tan From The Other Day, Didn't Go So Well

#12 Finish Painting Deck - Check, Give Yourself Sunburn Tramp Stamp - Check

#13 Apparently My Adam's Apple Provided Just Enough Shade To Prevent A Small Portion Of My Neck From Getting Sunburned

#14 Baseball Mom's Yoga Pants Worked Out Just Fine

#15 The Difference Between Tanned And Untanned From My Leg To My Foot

#16 Who Needs A Farmer's Tan When You Can Get A Cavs Finals Hat Burn

#17 My Friends' First Time In The Florida Sun. Apparently It Was Also Their First Time Using A Spray-On Sunscreen

#18 Someone Forgot His Sunscreen

#19 This Is Cade's Freshly Shaved Head After A Sunscreenless Few Hours Mowing A Field

#20 Bought Some New White Fingerless Gloves

#21 This Is What You Get For Wearing Those Awful Things

#22 Daughter's Sunburn Looks Like Patrick From Spongebob

#23 Long Kayaking Trip + Belly Rolls = Most Inconsistent Sunburn Ever

#24 What Happens When You're Super White And You Walked Around All Day In A Shirt With Cutout Squares. And This Was With Multiple Applications Of Sunscreen

#25 The Tan Of My Hand Compared To My Foot

#26 When People Ask Me Why I Want To Sit In The Shade I Show Them These Photos

#27 When You Are From Arizona And Think 70 Degrees On The Beach In Cali Doesn't Require Sunscreen. I. Hurt

#28 Lesson Of The Day

#29 Stubborn Husband Said He Didn't Need My Help Putting Sunscreen On His Back

#30 Currently

#31 I Get This Tan Line Every Year. A Result From My Job Outside Wearing The Same Uniform Everyday. The Tan Line Lasts Through The Winter

#32 Met A Guy Last Summer That Fell Asleep In The Sun With His Phone On His Chest

#33 This Tomato Man Looks Nearly Fake

#34 My Husband's First Time Wearing Sandals Since Starting His New Asphalt Job

#35 Co-Worker Shaved His Head, Then Went Golfing, And Decided To Wear A Visor

#36 My Friend Refused To Ask For Help With Putting Sunscreen On, This Is The Result

#37 My Cousin’s Legs After A Day In The Sun In Ripped Jeans

#38 Potato vs. Sunburn

#39 I Spent A Little Too Much Time Outside While Wearing 3/4 Pants

#40 This Is What Happens When You Go On A Bike Ride When It’s 100 Degrees Outside Without The Proper Sunscreen

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