Artist Colorizes 40 Old Photos And It Might Change The Way You Perceive History

Woman Got Woked By A Bobcat Family Having A Blast On Her Front Porch

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Mads Madsen is 25 years old and lives in Denmark where he’s pursuing a Master’s degree in the Classics (ancient Greece and Rome). However, his fascination with history doesn’t end there.

Mads also colorizes old photos. Through the use of Photoshop, he meticulously injects life into black and white stills, allowing us to immerse ourselves into moments that have been fading away. There’s just something raw about looking at a person and seeing the color of their eyes. You don’t get that with a monochromic image.

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#1 Desmond Doss, Conscientious Objector And Medal Of Honor Recipient. He Was Given The Medal Of Honor For His Actions At Hawksaw Ridge, During The Battle Of Okinawa, Where He Carried 75 Wounded Men To Safety Under Heavy Enemy Fire

#2 Helen Keller Greeting Charlie Chaplin By Feeling His Features

#3 Two American Soldiers Proudly Show Off Their Personalized "Easter Eggs" (155mm Artillery Shells) Before Firing Them

#4 Frederick Douglass, Talented Orator And Frontspokesman Of Abolition. Escaped Slavery, And Led A Freedom-Movement

#5 Sir David Attenborough, Born This Day In 1926, Seen Here Petting A Macaw Around 1950-51

#6 Amelia Earhart, Unknown Date

#8 Nikola Tesla, With Roger Boskovich's Book 'Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis', In Front Of The Spiral Coil Of His High-Frequency Transformer At East Houston St., New York

#9 Two Girls And Their Snow Fort, Ca. 1910

#10 Ca. 1960 - A Civil Rights Demonstration. A Black Woman Is Glaring At A Man, Who Appears To Be A Segragationist, Donning The Confederate Flag On His Hardhat

#11 Sgt. Henry 'Black Death' Johnson Of The 369th

#12 Alan Turing - A Computer Scientist, Philosopher, And Cryptologist Who Played A Crucial Role In Breaking The Nazis' Enigma Code - Seen Here In Happier Times. Unknown Date.

#13 Albert Einstein, Photographed Ca. 1948 By Yousuf Karsh

#14 Christmas Truce Of 1914 During The First World War

#15 Jim Henson, Creator Of The Muppets, Sitting With Ernie & Kermit The Frog

#16 Audrey Hepburn. Unknown Date

#17 Paul Newman & Clint Eastwood

#18 Marilyn Monroe After A Party. A Rare, Solemn Moment Of Quiet For The Otherwise Boisterous Personality

#19 Einstein Laughing During A Dinner Party, Year Unknown

#20 Victor Hugo, Famous Author Of Les Miserables, And The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame - Ca. 1876

#21 Richard Pierce - 14 Years Of Age, Works As A Western Union Telegraph Messenger. With Nine Months Of Service. He Works From 7 A.m. To 6 P.m. Smokes. Visits Houses Of Prostitution. Wilmington, Delaware, Ca. May 1910

#22 Brigadier General And Actor Jimmy Stewart. Participated In Over 20 Missions Over Nazi-Occupied Europe, And Even Flew A Bombing Run During The Vietnam War.

#23 Buzz Aldrin, The Second Man On The Moon, Seen Here As Commandant Of The Air Force Test Pilot School, Ca. 1963

#24 Eric Arthur Blair, Better Known By His Pen Name George Orwell, Was An English Novelist, Essayist, Journalist, And Critic

#25 Theodore Roosevelt Holding His Grandson, Kermit Roosevelt Jr. - Ca. 1916

#26 Mark Twain

#27 Charlie Chaplin Without His Trademark Moustache In His Later Years, Working On A Movie Set

#28 James Dean, Actor And Rebel Without A Cause, December 29th, 1954

#29 Audrey Hepburn

#30 Neil Armstrong, The First Man To Walk On The Moon, Training For The Apollo Mission

#31 Abraham Lincoln And George Mcclellan At Antietam, October 2nd/3rd, 1862

#32 A Boy Shows Off His Ray Gun, Around The 1950s

#33 Unidentified Soldier Of The First Australian Imperial Force

#34 Frederick Charles Stacey Of The Royal Navy On Admission For Treatment For Wounds Sustained In Wwi, And Seen After The Successful Plastic Surgery.

#35 Joseph Goebbels Scowling At Photographer Albert Eisenstaedt After Finding Out Eisenstaedt Was Jewish.

#36 Father Christmas Wearing A Tin Helmet Walks Along Regent Street, London, With A Bag Full Of Presents - From Life Magazine, December 23, 1940

#37 Audie Murphy, One Of The Most Decorated Combat Soldiers Of The Second World War

#38 Martin Luther King Meeting With President John F. Kennedy And Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson During The Civil Rights Movement

#39 Testing A Bulletproof Vest, Around 1920

#40 On The Left Is A Bavarian Grandfather, A Veteran Of The Franco-Prussian War Wearing The 1868 Bavaria Uniform, And On The Right Side Is The Grandson, A Prussian Officer Wearing A 1913 Prussia Uniform

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