People Are Posting Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos (50 New Pics)

People Are Posting Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos (50 New Pics)

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Blunder years could be described as a period in someone’s life when they thought they were different and edgy but in reality they were choosing terrible clothes and even worse haircuts.

There’s even a subreddit dedicated to it, appropriately called Blunder Years: pictures from a regrettable past. It invites people who just found their old photos not to delete them but to make amends with their former self and upload it on the Internet. And many do. Here are some of the cringiest posts the online community has to offer.

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#1 It Was “Opposite Day” At School In 2005, Most People Wore Black And White Or Something.. I Decide To Dress As A Girl.. I Lived In A Small Town In Idaho. It Didn’t Go Over Well

#2 I Don't Know If I'm More Embarrassed By How Many Hours It Took Teen Me To Make This, Or That I Actually Tagged My Crush When I Posted It

#3 2008, Senior Friend Asked Me To Prom When I Was A Freshman. My Parents Didn't Want Me To Go But Also Didn't Want To Forbid Me, So They Didn't Give Me Money For A Dress Thinking That Would Stop Us. We Made Both Of Our Outfits Entirely Out Of Duct Tape For Like $30

#4 My Mom Dressed Me Like This So I Was Easy To Spot When She Picked Me Up...

#5 Got Dumped A Week Before Prom, But My Mom Insisted I Go Take The Pictures She Paid For, So I Made A Sock Puppet To Bring As My Date. I Regret Nothing

#6 My Siblings And I Were Forced Into A ‘Pet Look Alike’ Competition. It Still Haunts Us

#7 My Mom Told Me Not To Blink During My 2nd Grade Class Picture

#8 My Dad Always Thought This Haircut Looked Incredible On Me. My Mom Thought The Shirt Was Incredible. Looking Back At 2nd Grade Me Is Incredible. I'm A Female

#9 In Honor Of My Husband’s 37th Birthday, I Present To You His Senior Prom Photo From 2000

#10 Ten Years And One Transition Later: Some Things Never Change

#11 Tried To Smile, Channeled Jim Carrey Instead. Allllllllrighty Then

#12 10m, And Looking Like A Middle Age Mom Who’s Deciding To Grace You With A Smile, While Still Judging You Just A Little

#13 My Boyfriend's 10th Grade Picture Is Pure Rebellion. According To Him, His Mom Cried When She Received The Pictures Back

#14 My Mother Said I Would Regret This Photo... No Regrets Mom! Circa 2002

#15 Husband? Dead. Emotion? Devastated. Insurance Money? Cashed. Eyebrows? Don’t Need Them

#16 ‘How Did You Know I Was Gay?’ Said The Posing Seven Year Old Boy In Make Up, A Perm, And Black Sequinned Jellicle Cats Dance Costume

#17 Found My High School ID This Morning

#18 Had A "Photoshoot" With My Mom And Thought That Being "The Weird Kid" Made Me Cool And Mysterious

#19 School Photo Looking Like 60-Year Old Librarian With My Cardigan, Turtleneck And Thick Glasses Date And Age Unknown

#20 4 Years Ago. My Friend Is Saving This Photo For Her Future Kids To Show That She Thought She Had A Cool Phase Too

#21 My Mother Found This Photo Of My Church Friend (Ryan Gosling) And I. We Had Some Awful 90s Hairs Cuts

#22 It’s Amazing What Growing A Beard, Growing Up, Changing Your Style And Leaving A Cult Can Do For You! (2011 vs. 2020)

#23 My All-Time Favorite Picture Of My Husband. He Was 20 In This Picture. Posting With His Reluctant Permission

#24 Me At 17(2010) Living It Up In Vegas

#25 12 Years Ago. Teenage Pregnancy. Our First Family Photo

#26 My Family Looking Like An Ll Bean Catalog Submission, And Then There's 15 Year Old Me

#27 When I Was 14 I Was Dating A Girl From Another High School. I Decided To Surprise Her On Her Birthday By Dressing Up As A Clown And Busting Into Her Classroom Singing “Happy Birthday”. She Was Mortified! When The Dust Settled She Thankfully Realized The Thoughtfulness That Went Into The Gesture

#28 In High School I Went Through A Belt Phase. For Some Reason, I Thought The More Belts I Had On, The Cooler I Looked. I Later Discovered... That Was A Lie

#29 Me, On My 8th Birthday, Getting The DS I Raved About

#30 They Seem To Bring A Smile To Your Face. Hope This Makes Your Day A Little Better. I Present, Me As A Kid

#31 Growing Up In Detroit When Eminem Came Out Yeaaaaaah...

#32 I Was That Girl

#33 8th Grade Me Thought I Was The [Coolest], Went Like This To A Christian Concert Event

#34 My Outfit During A Snowfall In May 2004

#35 Freshman College, ‘94: Control Yourselves, Ladies

#36 As Most People Thought My Fiancé Last Photo Was Not A Blunder, I Present To You Her College Library Card - 2003

#37 Me At Age 15, Channeling My Inner 30something Business Woman

#38 I Was In An Early 2000's Transitional Phase Between Awkward And Total Embarrassment

#39 My Childhood Was Destined To Be A Rough One...

#40 I’m Glad My Looks Didn’t Peak At Age 13. (Not A Costume. God Help Me, I Really Dressed Like That)

#41 14 Year Old Me Photoshopping Out My Dad For Britney Spears. This Is Just So Toxic

#42 Dwight Schrute Glasses? Check. Braces? Check. Turtle And Cat As Only Friends? Check. Braided Rat Tail With Beads? Zoom In...

#43 Sophomore Year Of High School, I Would Show Up Like This And Hang Out Behind The Library With My Little Edgy Kids Group

#44 Well I'm 34 Now. Still Into Model Rockets Though

#45 Mom Found This Recently, Me At 18, My Reaction When She Showed Me Was "God Damn What Is That Creature"

#46 My Parents On Their Second Date!

#47 2002, Age 14. I Have No Idea What I Was Rebelling Against But I Was Going At It Hard

#48 Hawaii Wasn’t Ready For My Ice Cold Sister And I In 2003

#49 My Junior Year Yearbook Picture

#50 Every Time My Friend Moves, She Rediscovers This Gem From Middle School

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